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  • Intermodal Applications

    Great for Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Airplanes, Trains, and Much More!

  • General Disinfection

    Can Be Used at Home, 99.9999% Effective, Kills MOLD and Bacteria

  • PureCLO2

    H2O Activated, Pure chlorine dioxide from AET

Advanced Environmental Technologies


Microbial populations of viruses, bacteria, and fungi are among the oldest living things on earth. They require very little to grow--moisture, specific temperature, and a food or energy source are all it takes to get them going. Here at AET, we provide environment friendly solutions to eliminate microbes and stop them in they're tracks.

Selective Micro Technologies (SMT) manufactures ultra-high purity chlorine dioxide (Cl0₂) exclusively for Advanced Environmental Technologies. AET products are used in food safety, acute care, hard surface decontamination, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other industries where effectiveness and purity matter.

AET products are registered with the EPA, the FDA and is certified by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI)


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