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  • Intermodal Applications

    Great for Cars, Trucks, RV's, Boats, Airplanes, Trains, and Much More!

  • General Disinfection

    Can Be Used at Home, 99.9999% Effective, Kills MOLD and Bacteria

  • PureCLO2

    H2O Activated, Pure chlorine dioxide from AET

AET Bio-Decontaminate


The CLO2BBER generates 1 liter of 100 ppm ultra-pure CLO₂ in 30 minutes. It is intended for applications that require small amounts of pure CLO₂ in a convenient format. CLO2BBER comes in a ready-to-use pouch with a spray nozzle included. Simply fill the pouch and allow the solution to generate for 30 minutes. This product needs no dilution. CLO2BBER is registered with the Environmental Protection Agency as a pesticide and falls within the lowest toxicity categories. This product is commonly used for agricultural applications, hard, non-porous surfaces, food contact surfaces and general sanitization.

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