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  • PureCLO2

    H2O Activated, Pure chlorine dioxide from AET


Food Safety Moves From Reactive to Proactive

In 2011 the U.S. government signed into law the Food Safety Modernization Act or FSMA. The act makes extensive changes to U.S. food safety laws, most notably shifting focus from reacting to food safety problems to preventing them in the first place. The FDA wants food handlers such as manufacturers, processors, growers, and importers to identify and implement preventative controls, placing extensive requirements on these areas to ensure food is safe throughout the country.

The Act focuses primarily on the following to minimize or prevent food safety hazards:

  • Produce safety
  • Imported food safety
  • Mandated inspections on a risk based schedule
  • Third-party laboratory testing
  • Farm-to-table responsibility
  • Ability to require third-party certification for high risk operations

Essentially, the FDA wants anyone who handles food from the farm to the table to: 1.) Develop a food safety plan; 2.) Identify controls that will minimize or prevent food safety hazards; 3.) Monitor the performance of those controls; and 4.) Keep records of monitoring.

Ultra-pure chlorine dioxide plus the gas-phase equipment from AET thus becomes an ideal solution for all the points raised by the FSMA. The liquid phase is perfect for carcass, produce, and egg wash. The gas phase can reach all areas for sterilizing food processing equipment, shipping containers, trucks, lockers, etc. AET also offer exclusive patent pending protocol and tracking system for chain of custody applications, perfect for imported food safety concerns.


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